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Using Social Media in Cancer Information Services


Prepared by:
International Cancer Information Service Group


November 2011



©ICISG 2011. All rights reserved.


This Cancer Information Service Tool Box module on social media was developed by International Cancer Information Service Group (ICISG), a worldwide organization that provides assistance to cancer organizations interested in implementing or expanding an information service.
We are deeply appreciative and grateful for the assistance and contributions of the following:
  • The ICISG Board of Directors.
  • Members of ICISG who contributed samples of materials and invaluable advice.
  • Reviewers:
  • Cancer Research UK: Martin Ledwick, Sarah Broughton, Aaron Eccles, Henry Scowcroft
  • Cancer Council Victoria (Australia): Amanda Hordern, Kate Wakelin, Felix Ratcliff, Dimity Gannon
  • National Institutes of Health (USA): Mary Anne Bright, Karla Blaine
  • American Cancer Society (USA): Chuck Westbrook
  • The lead author and ICISG Board Member, Marion E. Morra.